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Liquid Release and Powder Release Agents are used as bond breakers when stamping and stenciling concrete. Release agents prevent the urethane mats and texture rollers from sticking to the concrete.

Powder Release Agents are dusted over freshly placed concrete just before the initial stamping process is to begin. Powder release agent will not only act as a bond breaker for the stamps, but once the excess powder is washed off the following day, it will add a second coloring effect to the textured surface. Liquid Release Agents are used primarily in conjunction with Antique It.


Antique-It and EZ-Tique are applied to unsealed, hardened, and stamped concrete surfaces to impart a secondary color to the surface visually enhancing its pattern and/or texture.

Antique Release.png


  • Packaged in durable, easily manageable 30-pound pails.

  • 42 standard colors with custom color and color matching available

  • Allows for approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of coverage per pail

  • Add depth and dimensions to stamped concrete while preventing pull-up and reducing wear on texturing tools.

  • A finely ground, streak-free powder blend consisting of UV resistant pigments and water-repelling additives.



  • Packaged in 3 lb pails.

  • Available in 42 standard colors

  • Allows for approximately 2,000-3000 sq. ft. of coverage per 3 lb. pail

  • Acts as an additional accent color to textured concrete surfaces

  • A fine powder blend mixed with water and applied to hardened unsealed stamped concrete surfaces.

Proline EZ-Tique.png


  • Packaged in 3 lb pails.

  • Available in 42 standard colors

  • Allows for approximately 2,000-3000 sq. ft. of coverage per 3 lb. pail

  • A versatile coloring agent that can be easily applied and will hold fast to any textured concrete surface

  • Can be used to revitalize a weathered concrete surface or add an antique color to a freshly textured surface

  • It goes on quickly and easily and can be removed readily for greater control of the coloring process

Antique Clear Liquid Release.png


  • Packaged in 5-gallon metal pails, providing coverage of approximately 800 square feet.

  • Easy to spray Clear liquid bond breaker used with stamping mats, texturing skins or texture rollers prior to imprinting concrete or cementitious overlays.

  • Evaporates quickly and requires little cleanup prior to applying solvent-based curing and sealing compounds

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