Concrete overlays make good use of carefully chosen aggregates, polymers, mortars, and other cementitious materials to ensure the overlay is as strong and durable as the concrete below it.  They can be integrally colored, stained, stenciled, and textured. If your concrete is worn out, you can resurface it and make it like new.

MT-4000 SM Professional Grade (RG)


SM Professional Grade™ Rough Grade Micro-Topping Sprayable Cementitious Overlay BRICKFORM SM Professional Grade is a sprayable cementitious overlay that is designed to be applied with a hopper gun. It can be integrally colored using BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant. BRICKFORM SM Professional Grade can be used to create the look of brick, stone, tile or other unique specialty finishes.

BC-0071 Triple 7 Bond Coat


Primer for Cementitious Overlays BRICKFORM Triple Seven Bond Coat is an entirely new concept in primers for cementitious materials. It prevents the concrete from absorbing water from the overlay material making it easier to spread and achieve a smooth surface. Also, Triple Seven Bond Coat is a reactive primer, remaining active for at least two hours after it is applied. It reacts and forms a chemical link between the overlay and the substrate. Triple Seven Bond Coat increases the bond strength by creating a more efficient chemical link between the concrete and the overlay.

MTC - Overlay Liquid Colorants (6 - 10 oz)


BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is an engineered blend of color admixtures for the BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay SC-60, Micro-Topping and SM Professional Grade product lines. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is UV resistant and manufactured to strict standards to ensure color uniformity and consistency. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorants are non-hazardous water-based formulations providing easy cleanup and no-hassle shipping. BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorant is available in 39 standard colors, packaged in 10 oz. bottles. See the BRICKFORM Standard Color Selection color card for a complete list of available color.


BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay (SC-60) is a white cement, premixed blend of special materials that, when mixed with water, forms a thin, stampable concrete coating. SC-60 Stampable overlay can be integrally colored using BRICKFORM Overlay Liquid Colorants and topically colored with a wide range of BRICKFORM coloring products. BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay is easy to install and forms a tough, durable topping that will withstand years of wear. When used on properly prepared surfaces, and when used with Triple Seven Bond Primer BRICKFORM Stampable Overlay will permanently bond to concrete surfaces.


Micro-Topping, Smooth Grade BRICKFORM Micro-Topping is used on interior or exterior cured concrete to create a durable surface that can be colored or stained. It is mixed with BRICKFORM Liquid Polymer. The Smooth Grade is applied over SM Professional Grade for a smooth finish when desired. The mixed materials form a thin concrete coating that can be used to restore or repair any concrete surface.  Brickform Microtopping, when placed over a base coat of SM Professional Grade that has been primed with Triple Seven Bond Coat, will yield approximately 400-600 square feet per bag depending on application technique. Higher or lower coverage rates should be determined during the mock up phase of the project. The Microtopping should never be applied directly to the concrete slab.


Cem-Coat is a richly pigmented coating, opaque, high-strength, and perfect for coloring any unsealed, concrete surface. BRICKFORM Cem-Coat reduces the effects of fungus and is extremely UV-resistant.

MT-3000 Liquid Polymer


Liquid Polymer is specially designed to be used with BRICKFORM Micro-Topping and BRICKFORM SM Professional Grade. The BRICKFORM SM Professional Grade and Micro-Topping SG is mixed with the BRICKFORM Liquid Polymer only—do not use any other additives. Gently stir the BRICKFORM Liquid Polymer prior to use. Always measure the polymer, Overlay Liquid colorant and grout to the proper proportions as variations in these can lead to differences in color and texture.