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Concrete overlays make good use of carefully chosen aggregates, polymers, mortars, and other cementitious materials to ensure the overlay is as strong and durable as the concrete below it.  They can be integrally colored, stained, stenciled, and textured. If your concrete is worn out, you can resurface it and make it like new.



Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is a fast setting (2-4 hours) and walkable in (4- 6 hours), pre-sanded, single component just add water, polymer enhanced, Portland cement and proprietary additive self-leveling underlayment or base coat mix used to create a smooth flat and level surfaces for the installation of various flooring types.



Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond is a  commercial grade, heavily polymerized, multi-use, base coat and extreme bonding Single Component just add water underlayment and repair concrete mix. Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond is used as the base coat in several Deck and Balcony Waterproofing  systems and can be troweled or pumped. Pro Bond can be troweled with and without added sand to create slope. Pro Bond is used as a repair concrete to fill, rebuild, repair and smooth spalled and damaged concrete areas before applying an overlay.



Stone Edge Surfaces Smooth Coat mix is a just add water, Portland cement, very fine aggregate, proprietary additive, and heavy polymer enhanced concrete overlay mix that does not require a primer and allows 30 minute to 2-hours of working time for troweling, pumping, magic troweling or spraying. Smooth Coat is used in commercial or residential interior or exterior applications to achieve a Smooth (slurry) base or top coat and as a texture coat, broom finish, knockdown, skip trowel or other texture look.



Stone Edge Surfaces Stamp Mix is ASTM E84 Class A Certified for fire and smoke and is a customizable stone veneer. Stamp Mix is a single component just add water polymer, fiber, aggregate and proprietary additive enhanced, professional concrete overlay mix. Stamp Mix allows a 2 to 6 hours of working time for stamping and carving when applied over horizontal substrates. Stamp mix is used in residential or commercial horizontal interior or exterior stamped concrete overlay applications to achieve a realistic stamped or hand carved look of wood, stone, brick, pavers, tile, rock, slate, and so much more. Stamp Mix comes in Gray or White, 50 LB Bags



Stone Edge Surfaces MicroTop Mix is a super-fine, “no” sand, heavy polymer, cement and proprietary additive, just add water concrete overlay microtopping mix with two main applications. MicroTop is applied as a micro-thin concrete resurfacer over almost any concrete, concrete overlay, or stone veneer surface. MicroTop is designed to go on micro-thin and “mimic the texture of the already stamped or textured concrete or concrete overlay surface and bring the color back to gray or white so the project or item can be recolored. or to just resurface the driveway, patio or walkway and bring it back to a nice concrete gray or white. MicroTop is used as a top coat overlay from feather thin to 1/8” deep for a smooth beautiful finish. With all of its varied uses, MicroTop could be the finest microtopping on the market. 



Stone Edge Surfaces CPR-Concrete Patch and Repair is a just add water, high-performance, multi-use, 15 to 30-minute set time, 10,000 psi, no-shrink, non-cracking, easy to use concrete patch and repair material used for general and structural concrete repair from feathered edge to 6” thick. CPR is a polymerized Hydraulic & Portland cement concrete mix that can be troweled horizontally, vertically or overhead, has superior bonding strength, and does NOT require a primer before application or “water curing” after application!



Stone Edge Surfaces Primer 100 is a Primer and extreme bonding agent or bonding primer, and is designed to permanently adhere or bond, both chemically and physically, any of the Stone Edge Surfaces overlay mixes to a substrate. Primer 100 is a Pre-Mixed Liquid Acrylic product. VOC compliant. Works for both interior & exterior applications. Primer 100 has a three-year warranty on bond when used in conjunction with Stone Edge Surfaces bagged cement mixes applied with approved application methods. Discard any unused liquid primer if it has frozen. Packaged in 1 gallon Jug and covers 140 to 200 sqft.

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