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Brickform Shake-on color hardener is a pre-blended, ready-to-use, powdered dry shake material for coloring, hardening, and densifying the surface of any newly placed flatwork project. Applied to freshly placed concrete, Color Hardener adds a wider array of standard color options to your architectural designs while producing an extremely durable, hard, long-wearing, abrasion-resistant surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Shake-on Color Hardener, used in conjunction with varying finishing techniques and/or concrete patterns and texturing tools to create a beautiful surface.

Due to heightened surface density, the color-hardened concrete has improved resistance to the effects of freeze-/thaw cycles and de-icing salts. It is ideal for pedestrian or vehicular traffic areas such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, sidewalks, streetscapes, driveways, hotel lobbies, car parks, both indoors or out.

Color Hardener Product Image.png


  • Packaged in durable, easily manageable 60-pound pails.

  • 42 standard colors with custom color and color matching available

  • Allows for approximately 100 sq. ft. of coverage for dark colors and 80 sq. ft. for light colors.

  • Standard colors include a wider variety of bright vibrant colors achieved with standard gray concrete.

  • Creates an extremely dense surface that is resistant to foot and vehicular traffic, and extreme weather.

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